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The incumbent carriers may be considering Long Term Evolution (LTE) as their post 3G wireless broadband technology, but Telegeography says that there are about 600 WiMAX networks, many of them in… Read more »

WiMAX, the wireless broadband technology, ended up having a decent 2009, with 519 network deployments. Some of the technology’s backers, such as Russia’s Yota, reached breakeven, proving that WiMAX is viable… Read more »

It shouldn’t come as a surprise: Clearwire (s CLWR), the WiMAX-based wireless network operator, is looking for a $1.5 billion infusion from Sprint (s S) and other backers including cable giant… Read more »

WiMAX, the wireless broadband technology that is vying with Long Term Evolution to become the standard for the next generation of higher-speed wireless networks, draws either delight or derision, depending… Read more »

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