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wind turbines

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wind turbines

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Siemens announced today a 6 megawatt wind turbine that will be targeted at offshore wind installation. Vestas has introduced a 7 megawatt blade and Anders Soe-Jensen, the president of Vestas’ offshore… Read more »

As the bodies pile up this week in the solar power industry, there was positive news from Danish wind turbine maker Vestas. The solar power industry is awash with challenges resulting… Read more »

Bad news for American Superconductor, the company that, despite its name, actually gets most of its revenue from its wind turbine parts and licensing lines of business  and much of that… Read more »

What’s going on with the rare earth materials market? This morning, reports emerged indicating that China — which accounts for the vast majority of worldwide production of rare earth elements critical… Read more »

Hope springs eternal with every earnings call. That’s this morning’s news from the European green industry watchers at Reuters, who see some hints of positive earnings reports coming out in in… Read more »

Is a China-U.S. trade war brewing over green technology? Reuters takes an in-depth look this morning at a looming battle between the two countries over fair vs. unfair support of wind… Read more »

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