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Regular readers know I’m not religiously opposed to so-called content farms – businesses that create content to match search keywords – but it’s a tough to balance their low-cost creation model… Read more »

For all the Facebook IPO fallout, companies with “social” in their slide deck can still get attention or raise money. The Canadian reader/writer community Wattpad announced it has raised a $17.3… Read more »

Ryan Lawler makes the classic argument that video creation tools and cheap distribution will empower long-tail content. When we talked about the topic in the office, we agreed that middle-tier networks… Read more »

ESPN’s promoting The Sports Guy. I’m a fan – and not just because I went to school in Boston. Here’s an example of mainstream media building a business off of user-generated… Read more »

I’m not ready to concede that Google’s search quality has been seriously compromised by spammers and content farms, but this post from its quality chief is pretty defensive. And sometimes, content… Read more »

Content farm Demand Media went public, and seems to be doing well, in spite of what might seem like a threat from Google. Content Farms produce cheap, semi-pro content of varying… Read more »

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