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GigaomOptiSolar Quietly Piling On Cash">GigaomOptiSolar Quietly Piling On Cash

Thin-film solar panels — solar PV panels that use alternatives to silicon to convert sunlight to electricity — have one big champion. That’s First Solar, the world-leading producer of cadmium-telluride panels… Read more »

What’s Intel doing in a solar panel factory? Eight Intel employees are helping thin-film solar startup Miasole fine-tune its two Silicon Valley factories, as the well-funded CIGS maker struggles to reach… Read more »

Venture capital firms poured $2.5 billion into green technology in the first quarter of 2011, according to figures from Cleantech Group reported in a news story over the weekend. That’s the… Read more »

Green IT Jeff St. John’s thoughts, analyses and predictions are compiled here in a single report. As with any analysis of the market, we couldn’t possibly include every company, announcement and… Read more »

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