Netflix CEO Reed Hastings tip-toed carefully through the mine field of his company’s relationship with ISPs during his third-quarter earnings call on Monday. Read more »

Amazon is due to report quarterly earnings today, and Reuters took the opportunity to speculate that the company’s cloud computing division will soon pass $1Billion in revenue. Amazon, however, is notoriously… Read more »

Intel has reported record quarterly revenues of $13.1 billion, slightly higher than analyst expectations. Customers continue to spend on data center equipment, with revenues for Intel’s data center group up 15%… Read more »

Oracle announced its first $10billion quarter when it reported earnings earlier this week. In the midst of the growth —which exceeded analyst expectations — the disappointment was around hardware. The former Sun… Read more »

Amazon is in the news again, and again the news is not great. This time the issues are financial rather than technological, with net income reported in the quarterly earnings as… Read more »

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